Makerverse on the Creator Economy: Issue #76

Enjoy this week's issue on the latest (and greatest) news on the Creator Economy, Crypto, NFTs, and now: The Ownership Economy!

Visa bought CryptoPunk 7610, one of 3,840 female punks, for around $150,000 last week.

CryptoPunks are considered the original NFTs, launched in 2017 by Larva Labs.

These are a collection of 10,000 pixel art images of misfits and eccentrics.

Each CryptoPunk has its own personality and unique combination of features.

What does this lead to?

“Art has the power to inspire and unite — inviting us all to dream and experience the world together.”

Visa launched its new NFT program with Micah Johnson. Together, they want to help Creators and Small Businesses to understand how to use NFTs to create and sell their digital works.

Head of Crypto at Visa Cuy Sheffield tweeted:

Back to the Creator Economy with Gerry Tan:

Web3 Tool of the Week:

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Who Created 'The Passion Economy' Thesis?

Top Reads in case you missed them!

A small portion of Creators (i.e. Podcasting & Education) still reaps the most revenue for their work across multiple platforms.

The Creator Economy is real and it is here to stay, even Facebook is all-in on Creators.

But, then there's this story:

"He Made 7 Million In 49 Days Selling NFTs"

Total CryptoArt (NFT) Market Cap | 2021

A new normal forced by the pandemic is bringing out a wave of Creators for a Decentralized Economy

What can this Creator Economy expect in the year to come?

Help build a better YouTube for Creators

Creators like you have made YouTube what it is today, now we want your help to shape its future.

From getting started to improving your channel’s performance, these resources help you continue to learn and grow.

Patreon CEO and Co-Founder Jack Conte and Chief Product Officer Julian Gutman spoke on a panel at The Creator Economy Summit, where they were asked about the membership platform’s plans for Crypto.

"There’s clearly enormous innovation happening in the crypto and NFT space,” Gutman said.

Wait, is it the 'Ownership Economy'?

The Rise of Community from Founder:

The Creator Economy Market Map | CB Insights

We indexed the Creator Economy by measuring the growth of Creator Platforms on Stripe.

Creators are coming online at a record clip—from all around the world.

More and more are earning a living wage doing what they do best and here is why it's so important that they do!

What's Hot for All Creators? What Platform?!

What are the best uses of TikTok for startups?

TikTok has around 50 million daily active users and 92 million monthly active users in the US, up nearly 800% from January 2018.

The average US user opens the app 8 times a day and spends 46 minutes per day on the app.

Businesses that figure out how to leverage TikTok will have an advantage in building brand awareness, cultivating user trust, and efficiently acquiring customers.

For example, John Moon’s (@blondgoblin) legendary cranberry sauce video was so catchy that Ocean Spray posted it on their own channel, where it has over 900K views.

It’s unlikely that Ocean Spray itself would have ever thought to compose a song about the superiority of canned vs. homemade cranberry sauce.

Working with Creators enables brands to tap into a much bigger pool of creativity and reach new audiences!

Thank you to Li Jin for the great research! :)

Creator Economy YouTube Videos of the Week: